Tuberculosis Testing Rising due to Increasing Health Programs for TB Control

Tuberculosis Testing

Tuberculosis Testing  was the most widespread disease in the world between the 1950s and 1960s and the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it as a global emergency in 1993. The increase in the incidence of tuberculosis over the years has been accompanied by the spread of HIV/AIDS and the emergence of multidrug-resistant strains of tuberculosis. The number of new cases […]

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Global Remote Patient Monitoring Devices Market Achilles’ Heel: Rising Risk of Hacking

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices Market

The global remote patient monitoring devices market is driven by several factors. These include: Rising prevalence of chronic conditions, increasing geriatric population, which accentuates the uptake of patient monitoring devices for home use, and the accelerating burden on hospitals due to hospital readmissions that propel the adoption of these devices. According to a market research firm, Transparency Market Research, the […]

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Innovations to Remove Language Barrier Helping MEA Defibrillators Market

Defibrillators constitute a vital segment of devices in cardiac arrest treatment. Arrhythmias, which include several deviances from the regular cardiac muscle contraction pattern, can be cured by the application of an electric shock, which is delivered via defibrillators. The shock restores normal cardiac function, averting the fatal danger of arrhythmias. The widespread prevalence of cardiac diseases and sudden cardiac deaths […]

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D-dimers are proteins formed from the degradation of cross-linked fibrin through a normal body process called fibrinolysis, which breaks down naturally occurring blood clots to avoid their excessive accumulation in the blood. D-dimers are present in only negligible amounts in the blood of healthy individuals. Resulting from an increased fibrinolytic activity, elevated concentration of D-dimer suggests the possibility of thrombotic […]

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